Saturday, August 25, 2012

Advice Time: Fantasy Football Draft Edition

Fantasy Football Draft Weekend is upon us. Thousands of drafts are taking place today and tomorrow. I have two today, and one Sunday night. Definitely ready to get things started and excited about this upcoming fantasy season.

Hope that everyone has made their lists, done some mocks and are as excited as I am about the upcoming fantasy football season.

God Hates Losers was born to be a Q&A website. Delivering to you what all of the major fantasy sites can't deliver. One-on-one answers to all of your fantasy football questions.

So, for those of you new here, each week we like to throw out an Advice Time post. If you have any question about your draft order, lineup, strategy or really anything at all... this is the time and the place to throw them at me.

So have at it! And good luck to all this weekend!

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  1. Do you have any tips or strategies for drafting in 16 team league, standard scoring? I mean besides don't be in a 16 team league.

  2. I've been looking forward to draft day since last season ended! Can't wait to get back to the weekly rankings and such. Just have a few match-up questions.

    Brady vs. Brees, who will be the number 2 quarterback this year?
    Newton vs. Stafford, who do you like better in the second/third rounds?

    After the Big 3 and probably Chris Johnson, the Running Back position scares me. Is there any safe play or should I just scoop up as many as possible and hope I get lucky?

    I'm in a keeper league and looking for some late round talent that I can hold onto and develop for next season and possibly beyond. I grabbed Julio Jones later in last years draft, and it looks like he's going to pay dividends this year. Do you see anyone in round 8 or later that will continue to develop and break out late this season or next season? I've been liking Torrey Smith in this situation, and Antonio Brown (except he's going a little too early). Also I've noticed Jerome Simpson opposite Percy Harvin as the Vikings WR2, does he warrant a pick up?

    Thanks so much GHL, I really appreciate all the fantasy advice!

  3. We just did our draft, and im pretty happy with where i landed. What do you think?

    Qb- Matthew Stafford
    Rb - Steven Jackson
    Rb - BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    WR - Wes Welker
    WR - Brandon Lloyd
    TE - Jimmy Grahm
    W/R - Jeremy Maclin
    K - Mason Crosby
    Def - Ravens

    B/N - LeaGarrette Blount
    B/N - Roy Helu
    B/N - Peyton Hillis
    B/N - C J Spiller
    B/N - Robert Meachem
    B/N - Nate Washington

    A trade was also offered to me, MJD and Beanie Wells for Wes Welker and BenJarvus Green Ellis. What do you think?

  4. Hi,

    I have a late round draft pick, 9th out of 10 people.

    My first round would go Rice, Foster, McCoy, Rodgers, Brady, Brees,
    Calvin, and then I don't like Chris Johnson and MJD.. I also don't like
    fitz and andre for 2nd round picks.. what do you suggest I do for my
    first two picks!!!??

    Thanks so much and respond ASAP


  5. Thanks.. if you have to choose one from MJD, T.Richardson & A.Peterson whom who you go for in my position? I know picking one from them would be risky and two from this group would be disaster :).. I have my draft this weekend & will keep you posted.. thnks for your advice so far... all of them would definitely help me a lot..

  6. I'm very happy to be back. Missed it a lot. And definitely ready to get back to posting my rankings.

    Brees got paid and has no head coach. I go for Brady.

    Cam slowed down a whole lot at the end of last year when people figured him out. Rushing TDs help, but I like Stafford more.

    At running back, it seems like getting a lot and crossing your fingers. I agree the top four are the most solid ones. I do like McFadden though and Murray.

    At WR, there are so many sleeper candidates its really hard to get a handle on. Smith is good, but Flacco limits him. Brown is great but he will go quick like you said. Jerome Simpson is iffy for me. I'd like for him to have proven something before now.
    I do like Mike Williams across from VJax. Loving Titus Young. Pierre Garcon could be great this year. And I still cant choose if I like Denarius Moore or Heyward Bey more. As far as keepers go its tough, but I think for dynasties Michael Floyd would be a great grab.

    Happy to be here and excited to help you again this season.

  7. Patriots bye week is going to give you fits. But overall I think it is pretty solid. Did you go after Stafford in Rd 1?

    I'd say no to the trade. MJD has too many question marks right now. And I like BJGE more than Beanie Wells.

  8. Hmm... hard to be picky in the first round. I think you are right. Rice, Foster, McCoy, Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Calvin Johnson, Chris Johnson will be gone.

    You don't want MJD, understandable. That really only leaves you with Fitzgerald. If you want to go RB, you would have to reach for Lynch Forte or McFadden. (you could get them in the second anyways) You could always spring for Stafford, or even get yourself an elite TE.
    If you dont like Johnson or Fitz, then Roddy White and Jennings would be next.. but again, at pic 9 youd be reaching for them.

    I'd personally go Fitzgerald then Forte I think.
    But taking any combo of Lynch/Forte/Murray/McFadden would be understandable.

    Good luck, and let me know what you decide on.

  9. Just answered you on the other post.

  10. So glad you're back, as it means the season is inching closer! Here's my draft, I'm loving it right now, and think I basically killed it, its an 8 person league, standard scoring.

    QB- Stafford
    RB- Lynch
    RB. McCory
    WR- Nicks
    WR- Green
    TE- A. Gates
    Flex - Bradshaw
    K- M. Bryant
    T - Philly

    BN- P Garcon
    BN - J Witten
    BN - D Jackson
    BN - I Redman
    BN - D Heyward-Bey
    BN R Meachem

    Any thoughts? I'm thinking Jackson and Bradshaw will mix in the flex spot and play that 100% matchup wise, and also if Vick stays healthy.

  11. Yeah I went for Stafford in the first then.

    Do you think I should try and trade away one of the Patriots receivers? If so which one?

    Btw its great to be back, love this site.

  12. First time playing fantasy, trying to break into a more experienced 1o-team league. Lovin GHL, it's helped me immensely thus far. Draft results below. Any Thoughts/ Advice appreciated!! Was offered Lynch, Beanie and Matt Ryan for Johnson, but I feel its a weak trade. Am I strong enough at WR? Drop Manningham for Dwayne Harris if he makes Dallas squad? Any Bench players strong enough to start week 1?

    T Romo QBL Fitzgerald WRS Johnson WRR Mecham WEC Johnson RBD Murray RBJ Finley TEM Crosby KBUF DEF
    CJ Spiller C BensonJ GreshamN WashingtonP ThomasM Manningham

  13. First time playing fantasy, trying to break into a more experienced 1o-team league. Lovin GHL, it's helped me immensely thus far. Draft results below. Any Thoughts/ Advice appreciated!! Was offered Lynch, Beanie and Matt Ryan for Johnson, but I feel its a weak trade. Am I strong enough at WR? Drop Manningham for Dwayne Harris if he makes Dallas squad? Any Bench players strong enough to start week 1?
    S Johnson-WR
    R Mecham-WR
    C Johnson-RB
    D Murray-RB
    J Finley-TE
    M Crosby-K
    CJ Spiller-Bench
    C Benson-Bench
    J Gresham-Bench
    N Washington-Bench
    P Thomas-Bench
    M Manningham-Bench

  14. This was my draft in my 8-team league. I won it last year thanks to some sleepers that made it big. This year I have a feeling it won't be that easy.
    I'm thinking I'll use the SDS and I like the Eagles in week 1. If I don't get them in my next draft (the keeper league) I think Detroit looks good week 1.

    Anyways, here it is:

    QB: Tom Brady (Brees/Rodgers went before him so no question)
    WR: Greg Jennings
    WR: Dez Bryant
    RB: Darren McFadden
    RB: Jamaal Charles
    TE: Brandon Pettigrew
    Flex: Fred Jackson
    K: Dan Bailey
    DST: Philadelphia

    BN: Fred Davis
    BN: Jeremy Maclin
    BN: Beanie Wells
    BN: Robert Meachem
    BN: Shonn Greene
    BN: Ben Tate
    BN: Mike Williams


  15. Hey man, just finished the draft for my money league. Its a 10 man, and some of the guys were noobs and some odd stuff went down but I feel like Im pretty stacked if some of my sleepers come through. Let me know what you think.

    QB Drew Brees
    RB McFadden
    WR Brandon Marshall
    WR Brandon Lloyd
    Flex Jeremy Maclin
    TE Jimmy Graham
    K Neil Rackers
    D/STS Eagles

    Eric Decker, Donald Brown, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Cedric Benson, Ryan Williams, Kendall Wright, Rashad Jennings (14th rd - could be steal if MJD doesnt sign)

  16. What's going on man - happy to have the season right around the corner. My big league drafts next Monday night and I've got the 3rd pick in a 12 team standard w/ a flex. I've been trying to map out certain situations and how to approach them. These are the most common scenarios playing out:

    1. Foster and Rodgers go 1 and 2. Do you prefer Rice or McCoy? And at 22, do you hope for Cam/Stafford to fall or take any of Charles, Lynch, F/SJax, Peterson or Richardson if they're available (and shoot for a Romo, Rivers or Ryan later)?
    2. Foster and Rice go 1 and 2. Do you go McCoy or take Rodgers and hope to hit one of the above backs as your RB2?
    3. Same as 2, but swap in McCoy for Rice at 2.

    Otherwise, my overall strategy is to hope I can wait until at least R4 to start plucking WRs and come away with a starting duo of Maclin, Harvin, Brown, Lloyd, Bryant, etc. What do you think?

  17. Hey man, happy to be back reading your stuff on here again.. Here is my question my draft is coming up this weekend for my dynasty league i have the 3rd pick. i know richardson will be gone and i dont know if #2 will be luck or RGIII. If you were me would you pick whatever one is left between luck and RGIII or im thinking of going different route maybe a WR. there isnt alot of big name talent out there (dynasty league so most players are taken)

    who i have on my team right now

    QB - Cam Newton and Matt Schaub.. (Tom Brady is out there for trade)
    RB - Arian Foster, Ryan Williams, Shonn Greene, Steven Jackson
    WR - Desean Jackson, Mario Manningham, Hakeem Nicks, Mike Williams (TB), Steve Breaston.
    TE - Jermichael Finley, Greg Olsen

    Now would you take Luck or RGIII or go a different route with 3rd Overal Pick in Dynasty league? A few People im looking at are:

    QB - Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck, RGIII
    RB - Demarco Murray, David Wilson, Doug Martin
    WR - Victor Cruz, Michael Floyd, Alshon Jeffery
    TE - Cody Fleener

  18. That is definitely a hell of a team. The thing about 8-team leagues though, is that at least 5 other guys in your league have teams that look equally as good on paper.

    I would say that having a starting lineup that consists of players who are all top 10 at their position is a pretty damn good roster though.

    I agree with you that you have a good rotation for your flex. Dont count Pierre Garcon out. He could surprise this year.

  19. You dont have to. Both of them should have great seasons. Just don't expect a whole lot on their bye. Meachem and Washington make pretty damn good bench subs though.

  20. Thanks! Hope you are enjoying fantasy so far. It'll only get better, trust me.

    That is not a trade I would make. 3-for-1 trades. or really any unbalanced trade is not a great decision for standard league, because you are only allotted a certain number of roster spots. You would have to get rid of two people to make room for the additions. It would give you the strongest bench in your league... but your bench doesnt score points.

    As a huge Dallas fan, I think that I can safely say that even if Harris makes the team, he will not make it as the 3rd receiver. The Cowboys like experience, and it will be Ogletree. So the only way that Harris will see any time at all is if there are multiple injuries at WR. He could have a couple stellar games (see Jesse Holley from last year) but overall, not worth dropping Manningham for.

    Once Week 1 rolls around, I'll be able to look at benches and matchups more indepth to find good sleepers. So stay tuned for my weekly rankings. Just looking though, I think I would want Washington in your lineup somewhere, probably in place of Meachem... but again, come back later for a more solid answer.

  21. Detroit has hands down the best Week 1 Matchup I think. In all my leagues using SDS, they are who I drafted.

    Other than the injury redflags in your RB spot, I think it looks good. Don't get my wrong, I love McFadden and Charles this year. Just fingers crossed they manage to make it though the entire season.

    Definitely a solid line up. I think Pettigrew is a great value at where he is going in drafts. I'm happy to see so many GHL readers picking him up.

  22. Pretty amazed that you could get this lineup in a 10 team league. Brees round one, McFadden 2, Graham 3, Marshall 4, Lloyd 5. Pretty shocked to see that they were all still on the board, so very nice work.

    I'm completely sold on Eric Decker after seeing his preseason game the other day. Really, as you said, your entire bench is full of sleepers.

    Well done.

  23. My top four ranking is this: Rice, Foster, McCoy, Rodgers. I would draft in that order.

    Definitely sucks that you have to wait for pick 22 to get your second player, but it does give you a ton of options. Honestly, I would still go after a RB, best on the board.
    If you don't see one you like, you could fill your spot with an elite tight end. I'd avoid Cam and Stafford personally. Cam slowed considerably at the end of last year, and Stafford already got injured. I'd wait a bit longer for the Ryan/Romo/Rivers rounds to come along and snatch up a mid tier guy.

    I think your WR strategy is solid. If I were you I'd try one of these two things in rounds 1-4:

    Change accordingly if QBs go super early in the draft.

  24. Dynasty drafts! Dont get many of those questions on here.
    To answer you first question.. I like RGIII more this year, but long term/dynasty, I have to say Luck.

    To answer your second part of the question though... I feel that you already have a solid QB and backup, and can afford to pass on them. Your RB starters are strong, but the backups are weak. Same goes for WR.

    You could consider taking DeMarco Murray in your spot. He is in his second year and looks dangerous. Or (if possible) you could even trade down a few spots and get a WR you need and maybe a later pick or trade. Victor Cruz might be there, but I like Floyd as well.

    So I'd pass on the QBs and target either Murray or Cruz.

  25. Hi GHL,

    Draft weekend is over and I had 3 drafts.
    I'll post about them in 3 different comments so the text won't get to big.

    The first one is just for information.
    I don't know how you guys do it but you have an impressive database and seem to know how is the league of everyone that comment here.

    This a league I got embarrassed last year because I made a rookie mystake and didn't know the scoring system favors QBs. So I waited till round 7 to draft one (we can use 2 in the lineup) and finished 9 out of 10.

    This year there's no excuses so I have to be in the playoffs at least.

    So, its a 10 team league.

    Lineup: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, Q/W/R/T, K, DEF

    Passing Yards
    50 yards
    per point; 3 points at 250 yards; 5 points at 300 yards; 10 points at 350

    Passing Touchdowns

    Rushing Yards
    20 yards
    per point; 3 points at 100 yards; 5 points at 150 yards; 10 points at 200

    Rushing Touchdowns

    Reception Yards
    20 yards
    per point; 3 points at 100 yards; 5 points at 150 yards; 10 points at 200

    My draft:
    QBs - Brees, Rivers and Schaub
    WRs - Colston, Stevie Johnson, Meachem, Mike Willians, Crabtree
    RBs - Fred Jackson, Steve Jackson, Peyton Hilis, Ben Tate, Kendall Hunter (my big sleeper this year)
    TE - Vernon Davis
    K - Robbie Gould
    Def - Seattle

    All in all I'm very satisfied with the draft.
    Got 3 very good QBs, which is vital in this league, good starting RBs, TE and decent Wrs.
    The backup RBs are all bets, but I'm confident at least one will come through if needed.

  26. Ok, now second league.

    8-team standard scoring, QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, W/R, TE, K, DEF.
    This is an important because it's the only one I know all people in person, so I'd like to have bragging rights at the end.
    The draft went completely different from what I planned and I end up thinking: what the heck, lets be unconventional here.
    So I made some choices that I normally wouldn't (and I hope I won't do again. ever)

    I took Calvin Johnson with my first pick (5), madden curse and all, because I did not want to take a QB in the first and did not like a RB enough for this spot. In retrospect I could have taken Chris Johnson and found a very good WR later.
    I also took a TE in the third!!!!, because I did not value any of the WRs available enough (there was a big run to RBs so nobody good enough was available either).

    And... I took a Kicker in the 11th!!!!!!!!
    I know, I know, no argument is good enough but I figured I could choose all the guys I still valued in the later rounds, so I could roll the dice to get Akers and maybe get 1 or 2 points more every week that could make the difference in the end.
    It sounds crazy but in retrospect I still don't regret the Akers pick (hopefully he won't let me down).

    Well, so I end up with:

    QB - Cutler and Vick (I could have picked Romo but thought he is also a risk for injury and Vick when healthy has a higher ceiling - Cutler will start WK1 though)
    WR - Megatron, Roddy White, Colston and Jordy Nelson
    RB - Fred Jackson, Reggie Bush, Doug Martin, Mark Ingram and Kendal Hunter
    TE - Jimmy Graham
    K - Akers
    Def - Seattle (for now)

    I'm pretty satisfied with the draft actually because I got incredibly good WRs, good QBs, the best TE and K and a good RB.
    My biggest concern, of course, is the RB2 where I have 4 options with good potencial but also big question marks.

    I'm counting on your help to choose wisely every week to maximize my roster scoring.

    Still, in retrospect, if I got CJ over Megatron and Vincent Jackson over Reggie Bush, that would be a really solid roster.

  27. Last league (sorry for the long posts, but you said that would like to have some conversation in the blog... : )

    This is a crazy deep 20 team league, standard scoring, QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, K, DEF

    My strategie was to get 2 good QBs and RBs and a decent TE as soon as possible because in a 20 team league if you loose your starting QB you're toaestd to replace it from the waiver wire (also is a good trade chip).

    And the WRs, being a deep position to draft, I would fill out later, as best as I could.
    But I have to be honest and say that I wasn't prepared to draft so deep in the WRs pool (this was a last minute invite) so I had a tough time getting WRs.

    My team:
    QB - Rivers and Schaub
    RB - Rice, Fred Jackson, Addai, Kendall Hunter
    WR - Manningham, LaFell, Brian Quick, Devery Henderson, Louis Murphy, T.J. Graham
    TE - Jason Witten
    K - empty
    DEF - San Francisco, Indianapolis

    You can see that all WRs can be a no factor any week, so I'm concerned.
    Mannigham is the only one somewhat solid. LaFell and Murphy is my attempt to get the second most productive WR in Carolina (who knows if its a good thing), Henderson is really inconsistent and the other 2 are my attempts to find a sleeper.
    Well, not good.

    You also can see that I have no kicker. I figured I could hang on to 6 WRs while deciding which ones would be better to keep and get any kicker later just to fill the spot.

    I also got 2 DEF because in a 20 team league some teams won't have backups and will have to play w/o DEF in bye weeks.

    Now I have some tough decisions to make.
    First I have to drop someone to get a kicker.

    Which WRs do you think is not worthy a roster spot? I'm also inclined to drop the Colts DEF because SF's bye is just WK9 so it's possible that someone will have dropped another DEF by then. And thus I could hang on to my six 6WRs because I need all the chances I can get to find a decent contributor from this bunch.

    I though of getting Dwayne Harris from the waiver, but he may not have any value if/when Austin and Bryant get on the field. Being a Cowboys fan, what do you think of him?

    Also there's Jason Witten. I may be in trouble for week 1.
    Considering my difficult at WR, should I roll the dice on Witten or get a backup TE just for WK1? (not good options anyway - Ballard, Shiancoe or Watson)
    And who should I drop then?

    Really need help here.

  28. Just saw your remarks concerning Dwayne Harris. Ogletree is also available.
    Replace Harris for him above and the questions remain the same.


  29. 2 Questions for you:
    3 Keepers league.
    There's my keepers: Matt Forte, Larry Fitzgerald. I dont't know who i must keep between Ryan Matthews and Andre Johnson?
    I have the third overall pick and who i must choose between Trent Richardson and Doug Martin?

    If i keep Johnson and i Choose one of the RB(Richardson/Martin), my team will be more balance, but with these 3 RB(Forte/Matthews and Richardson or Martin)... I will have a nice 1-2-3 punch!!!!

    Thx to help


  30. Hey GHL,

    Glad to be back here. Last year your rankings/advice (and of course some luck) helped spring me to 2nd place in my first FFB season by drafting the likes of McCoy, Megatron, Welker, Fred Jackson, and Stafford.

    However, this year I'm cursed with the #1 overall pick in a 12-team Standard league (Snake draft) and am driving myself nuts over who to pick.

    You're rankings say Foster is your #1, but a more recent response by you in this article's comments says your top 4 are Rice, Foster, McCoy, Rodgers. I'm essentially narrowing that down to Rice or Foster (love Rodgers but I'm terrified to think what RBs would be left for me at picks 24 & 25), so I'd love to hear your definitive opinion.

    Also, are you still as down on Peyton Manning after his most recent outing, or do you think he has the potential to surprise and put up some serious numbers for a cheap pick?

    Lastly, my flex spot is only WR/TE, so would you recommend solidifying that before I start loading my bench with RB3/4, or is it a wait-and-see-what's-there situation?

    Thanks again for all your input, and hopefully I'm as successful as I was last year with your help!

  31. Definitely a solid team. Good to see you getting three reliable quarterbacks. Each of them should have pretty impressive stat lines this season. Hopefully a receiver will step up for Rivers and take over the void that Vincent Jackson left. Ben Tate is the best backup that one can ask for really, so good work there. Even with Foster getting work every game, Tate gets his nose in there with great yardage.

  32. Definitely riskier than your first. But I was in a very similar situation in one of my drafts. I'm working on the post now to tell you about it.

    Its still a great team. Glad that you got a backup for Vick. I have to disagree with your points about him. I feel he is a bigger injury risk than Romo and that Romo has the higher ceiling. But to each his own.

    RB is a worry. Wish this league was PPR to help you out a bit. But when all is said and done, this is a remarkable WR lineup.

    Best case scenario... Jordy Nelson has a killer first two games and you can trade him for the top running back that you are so sorely missing from this lineup.

    You're going to be leaving a lot of WR points on your bench in this league. So trading early is a good bet for you.

  33. Still no for me. I really don't see any WR three for the Cowboys having that great a season. Don't expect the next Laurent Robinson from this bunch. Chances are still good that they bring in an outsider.

  34. I'd keep Mathews I think. Everyone seems to agree that he is ready for his breakout, hopefully he can get healthy soon. Also, I'd imagine that you'll get a better draft pick for him than you would keeping Johnson.

    I also like TRich more than Doug Martin. As far as fantasy stats this year goes.

  35. Rice is my number one. It's damn close though between him and Foster. I would probably take Rice myself.

    My outlook on Peyton is a bit better, he finally put together a good game (against a good team) and took a few shots that he got up from. So that was nice to see. I still think that in many leagues, he is going too early. If he falls a round past his ADP or ranking though, then I think he could be worth a look. Make sure you get a high backup though.

    I'd imagine that the WR/TE spot will be the weakest on every team in your league.. So you could be at a bit of an advantage if you are able to do something big with it. Your backup RB position will suffer, but it could be a smart move as starters are more important than bench.

    I would then recommend though that you fill your bench mostly with RBs. So if there is an injury, you have a higher chance of having their replacement.

    Hopefully this helps. Anything higher than a 10-team league is really more of a "play it by ear" type of draft. Definitely good to have multiple strategies laid out so you don't get blindsided.

  36. Back for another year - did way less researching this year before the draft (time). But I think I did well. Was 8th pick in a 10-team standard.

    QB - Vick (6)
    WR - Welker (3)
    WR - Dez Bryant (5)
    WR - S. Johnson (7)
    RB - CJ (1)
    RB - McFadden (2)
    TE - Gates (4)
    K - Bailey (14)
    D - PIT (11)

    Kevin Smith (8)
    DeAngelo Williams (12)
    Reggie Wayne (9)
    Anquan Boldin (10)
    Schaub (13)
    Witten (15)

    Very tempted to play Kevin Smith in week 1. Thoughts?

  37. Looking forward to your blog this year, I'm new. Glad to be here. Love to get your thoughts on my picks...

    QB- RG3 (I took a risk)
    RB- Chris Johnson & Steven Jackson
    WR- Victor Cruz & Miles Austin
    TE- Jared Cook
    K- Robbie Gould
    DEF- Pittsburgh (Going to use your SDS)
    FLEX- WR- Jeremy Maclin

    QB- Joe Flaco
    RB- Isaac Redman & CJ Spiller
    WR- Torrey Smith
    TE- Jermaine Gresham
    K- Rian Lindell

  38. Thanks for the input. Got a follow-up question for you though.

    The GM just tweaked the league settings (despite us drafting 8pm tonight).

    Now passing TDs are worth 5pts (opposed to the standard 4). Is that difference enough to make me consider Rodgers 1st overall?

    He also set 6pts for Kick/Punt Return TDs. Does that bump any RBs or WRs up any spots (Sproles, Harvin, Amendola)? I was actually thinking of snagging Sproles with my one of my 24/25 picks. But should I take him above Charles, Forte, F Jackson, R Matthews if any of them are available at that spot now considering the bonus points?

    Lastly, he enabled draft-pick trading (which I have never experienced), so would it benefit me to try and trade down now or just stay where I am?

    Thanks again!

  39. Looks like a very nice draft.

    If you had a flex spot, then I'd say that Smith could be good to roll with. But with just 2 RB slots, I think you'd be crazy to bench CJ or McFadden. Lions are a timeshare, and though their matchup is golden, it seems to risky for me. Will research it further for my rankings though. Highly doubt he will make it that high up the list though.

  40. Very risky to take RGIII so late as your starter. He could very well have a good year, but I would have drafted a backup higher than Flacco to cover for him, or even simply used him as my backup for someone more experienced.

    RBs are great. WRs are good. Austin could cause problems as he is already questionable with the hamstring, but Smith is capable fill in.

    Tight end looks good.

    I'm having a very hard time trying to determine what round you took your players in. Seems like you took a reach on a lot of players, unless this is a very full league.

    You need to drop that backup kicker immediately. No point in having him. Find a good receiver that is still available. Nate Washington, Davone Bess, Titus Young... best available.

  41. Draft pick trading in a snake draft is just a weird idea to me. But if you want to get out of that top spot, I suppose you can move if you like. I'm sure there is someone who would want to be first overall.

    Generally, standard leagues always do points for Kick/Punt return TDs. So they don't really affect rankings at all, since they don't happen all that often. Its the yardage points that really change standings. You can bump your Sproles/Harvin up a bit, but they should not move up more than a spot or two. certainly doesn't move them up an entire tier.

    As for the QB update.. that is an interesting one. That basically means that Rodgers will be getting 4-8 points more per game than you originally though. On the other hand, so is every other NFL quarterback. So its hard to say. I think that it will move Quarterbacks up in the draft, but maybe not any single one in particular. It benefits all QBs, not just Rodgers.

    I still think that taking RB is the way to go. But I would make QB more of a priority than before.

  42. I hate to do it, but I'm too tempted not to. Can you tell me your thoughts on the draft? I feel very confident with my picks. The draft was a little odd with 7 QBs going in the first 12 picks. I was first and I chose Aaron Rodgers. I kind of figured these guys in my league would do something funny like the QB thing. I chose Charles over McFadden and I go back and forth whether or not I should regret that. My strategy was to get an elite QB and then load up on RB/WR mid to late rounds. I missed out on an elite TE again because of the guys in my league taking TEs way too early. I plan on using the rotating Defense strategy again this season as it worked wonders last year. Anyways here are my picks.

    QB- Aaron Rodgers
    RB- Jamaal Charles
    RB- Darren Sproles
    WR- Greg Jennings
    WR- Julio Jones
    RB/WR- Percy Harvin
    TE- Jared Cook
    D/ST- Eagles
    K- Jason Hansen

    Doug Martin
    Robert Meachem
    Titus Young
    Kevin Smith
    Nate Washington
    Rashad Jennings

  43. I knew RGIII was/is risky, but I have this gut feeling? This league is VERY full & since it was my first time with these guys I went last!
    As for my backup K.... So do I just do without a K one week or do I just drop/pickup on his bye week? Also, do you think I'm okay with my Flex spot or should I pull someone from my bench to fill that spot? Thanks for your input!!!

  44. I think that their taking so many QBs and TEs early worked out great for you. Not only do you have the best QB, you also have two pretty solid RBs (I'd have taken McFadden). You also have a killer WR lineup, even into your bench. Hell, your bench has a better starting WR lineup than a few teams that I'm in leagues with. Got a nice TE by waiting, Might be smart to pick up another one, just in case. I'm sure that someone like Greg Olsen is still available.

    Very solid draft. Especially in a 12-team. I doubt I'll see a more impressive 12-man team on paper than this one.

    And I think you know that.. And you don't really want my opinion, you're just bragging.

  45. Understandable. Risks can pay off. Hope it works out for you.

    Drop the backup kicker for really anyone right now. Once your starter's bye week comes along, you can either drop him (if there is someone else better out there), or just drop a player from your bench that you know you'll never use. Then once the bye week is over. Get rid of him.

  46. Bit the bullet and took Rice. Overall I'm pretty pleased with my team. Would you mind giving me so feedback and point out potential weak spots?

    My Team (Draft Round in Parenthesis):

    QB: Vick (4), Cutler (10)
    RB: Rice (1), Murray (2), R Jennings (9), J Rodgers (12)
    WR: White (3), Harvin (5), Garcon (6), Titus Young (8), Michael Floyd (11), LaFell (13)
    TE: Witten (7), Gresham (14)
    D/ST: Bills (15)
    K: Hanson (16)

    I might've reached for Young but because my league's flex spot is only WR/TE, I wasn't confident he'd make it all the way back to me. Also not sure what to think about Jennings and Rodgers. Hoping Murray stays healthy so I don't need to count on either of them. (Was eyeing McFadden all the way back to me in Round 2 but he got snagged at 23). Murray was my highest RB that remained.

    Had my eye on the Manning bros/Romo but a little QB run kicked off in Round 4 so I felt I couldn't pass Vick up with the last of that round. Hopefully Cutler pans out if Vick misses time.

    Also happy I got Witten, just hoping he is back to 100%. Gresham is 'eh' but I suppose I needed a backup.

    Tried to snag as many potential breakout WRs as I could since I'll be starting three every week. Alshon Jeffrey went undrafted to I'm watching him, as well as David Nelson.

    As always your input is much appreciated, Thanks!

  47. Been reading since preseason last year always a good read sir. Anyway how do you feel about this team in a 10 Team normal draft none PPR. I had 7th pick.

    QB: Vick, Luck
    RB: CJ, Forte, D.Martin, BJGE, Tate
    WR: J. Nelson, Harvin, Decker, T.Smith, Meacham, Titus Young
    TE: Gates
    Def: Seahawks (but plan to stream DEF's based on match up)
    K: Hartley

    The top 3 RB/QB's went first 6 so I had the tough choice to trust CJ this season or grabbed Megatron and opted to trust CJ. Grabbed Vick in the 3rd and Gates in the 4th so didn't start getting WR's til round 5. Maybe could have let Vick fall a bit more but didn't trust it even though he can be a rascal.

  48. I need your opinion on a trade. Someone offered Miles Austin and Beanie Wells for Trent Richardson and Ronnie Hillman. What do you think? Thanks...

  49. 3 keeper league. Here are my keeper : Foster, Rodgers , Gennings . I will draft fith and i will take a RB sure, maybe a future one . Cause i think valuable RB in 12 teams league are hard to get. Fortunely, one or more should be left when my turn come .Please rank those 5 RB :
    Micheal Turner ,
    Steven Jackson , Ryan Matthews, , Trent Richardson, Doug Martin,. Thank God

  50. Rice is less injury prone. You'll be happy with the pick. I can borderline guarantee it.

    I'm not huge on Vick. I think you could have gotten a QB just as good stat-wise with a later pick in Romo or Rivers or Matt Ryan. But it could pay off. I just don't like his injury risk. Other than that, you look solid across the board.

    I agree that you could have waiting on Young a bit. Probably the same could be said with Floyd. The Jennings pick is a good one. Rodgers is really just insurance on the off chance that Turner gets injured. The Jags just named Jennings the starter for week 1. So theres that.

    Overall, its pretty solid for having the dreaded first pick in a 12-team league. Good starters. Sleepers on the bench. I like it.

  51. Thank you very much.

    You went early and often at the RB spot and came out pretty well. Four of your RBs could be potential fantasy starters. And you still managed to turn in a solid WR group which is impressive.

    Gates is my favorite TE this year. I do have the other two higher than him... But I think Gates is massively undervalued. Always makes me smile when someone who read my blog goes out and gets him. I made it a point to grab him in a couple leagues.
    Only criticism is a little one, and it is purely circumstantial. On the chance that Vick gets injured... Luck will be your filler. If he does well, smart pick, but if he doesn't pan out, then you'll have to go waiver fishing. I do think it is smart that you got Vick a backup though. Just a wait and see kind of thing. Hopefully Vick will stay healthy and its a non-issue.

  52. Depends on the rest of your roster. How are your other RBs if Wells gets hurt or doesn't perform well? Will Austin become a starter for you and do you have enough insurance if his hamstring doesn't hold up?

    If both will start for you and your backups are strong.. then I say take it.

  53. Jackson, Mathews, Richardson, Turner, Martin

    Mathews would be first but the injury drops him back. Don't know when he'll be back on the field. I almost put him third just because Richardson is healthy again and will be the only person touching the ball in Cleveland.

    Turner is solid and you know what you're going to get from him.
    I like Martin a lot, but I think he'll be in too much of a timeshare to be a top tier guy in his first NFL year.

  54. Just offered Demarco Murray for Welker what do you think?

  55. Thanks. Did Vick fall in your QB rankings at all though?

    Rivers and Romo were both gone by then. Vick, Big Ben, Schaub, and Ryan were the only QB1s left. I had my eye on Ryan but with 3 teams getting two chances to fill their QB before my next pick, I figured he'd be snagged as well (and he was). I took Vick based on him being the highest-ranked at the time, and I'm pretty happy I got Cutler as his backup because I've read a lot that he could have a great year.

    Hopefully it all works out, but rest assured I'll be back here throughout the year to pick your brain some more...This place is the best

  56. Good to be reading you again GHL!!!

    So, I had my first Draft this week... These are my RB's: Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis, Benjarvus Green-Ellis, Kevin Smith, Cedric Benson.

    How would you rank them for week 1, and for the season?


  57. Sorry it took so long.. I have to say it depends on your lineup. If you have strong WRs and Murray would be a big step up from your current RB2, then I say go for it. If you are already solid at RB though, then maybe not.

  58. Thanks a lot. Look forward to seeing what your other team looks like as well.

    (Agree with your Vick play after you explained it.)

  59. Havent studied Week 1 yet. Will be getting to that probably on Monday or Tuesday because of that horribly placed Wednesday game.

    I can pretty solidly say that I would rank them Charles then BJGE.

  60. Definite thumbs up. WR is shaky, but that is the curse of deep leagues.

    Nicely done.

  61. Drafted 5th in a 12-team standard a few days ago. Team is as follows (round in parentheses). Advice on this one is much appreciated as well.

    QB: Ryan (8), Locker (14)
    RB: CJ (1), McFadden (2), D Brown (7), J Rodgers (9) LeShoure (12)
    WR: Marshall (3), Colston (4), Maclin (6), Titus Young (11), Michael Floyd (13)
    TE: Gates (5), Daniels (10)
    D/ST: Bills (15) (Gonna use SDS)
    K: Cundiff (16)

    Overall pretty happy. I'm thrilled with my RB1&2, hoping Marshall has a huge year, and tried to get a leg up on TE with Gates (this draft was pretty WR-happy early on). Really hoping Ryan delivers this year (I was second-to-last to pick a QB, chose him over Rivers and Roethlisberger at the time).

    Any glaring weaknesses or areas to try and improve? Feel like my bench is largely unproven but potential is there I guess.

    Thanks for the advice!

  62. Honestly its a damn good draft. I like it better than any team that I've put together this year.

  63. Wow, I didn't really think it was all that great but thank you. Unfortunately CJ took a big heaping dump on the field yesterday and my Jets decided to score points just to spite me betting against them with the Bills D this week. I'm currently down 19 points with McFadden and Gates still to roll tonight so hopefully they do me a favor and both show up.

    As far as my bench goes, should I sit tight with what I got or maybe make a move? I've got Alshon Jeffrey on my watchlist and he had a decent game yesterday. Is he worth a pickup or is Michael Floyd worth waiting on for now?

    Also I know it's early but what D do you like the best for next week (I wanna try and jump on it Wednesday when waivers open). Thanks!

  64. DEF ranks just posted. Still a toss up on Jeffrey or Floyd. I give my edge to Jeffrey though.